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4 Must-Have Items You Need for Your Yellowstone Adventure

No one really wants to take time from what we want to be doing in Yellowstone to shop for something we didn’t think to bring along. To save you that headache, here are a few must-have items you’ll want to put on your list of things to pack: 

  1. Sunscreen Yellowstone’s elevation makes sunburns more likely. Best to be prepared. 
  2. Lip balm This one I struggle to remember, so I always end up stopping in somewhere to buy it. It isn’t something I need in my life in the midwest, but because of Yellowstone’s dry air, I need it there.
  3. A water bottle  Yellowstone is dry, making hydration is especially important, even if you plan to spend most of your time touring the park from your vehicle. If you plan to get out on the trail, attending to hydration is even more essential. Most Yellowstone Lodges have a fountain capable of filling water bottles. So you know: I’m a whiner when it comes to drinking water that tastes—or worse, smells—funny and I like Yellowstone’s water. Important to know: While the water in Yellowstone lakes, rivers, and streams looks temptedly drinkable, it’s home to giardia—an unpleasant little parasite that delivers several weeks of diarrhea and misery. Don’t drink untreated water.
  4. Bear spray Whether you rent it in the park or pack it and bring it with you, bear spray is a necessity. During some months, it can be rented in the park. Learn more here. It can also be purchased through Amazon and other retailers. Learn about bear spray here.  

Planning a visit to Yellowstone can be overwhelming. Let me help you! Get the itinerary from my most recent Yellowstone adventure. Click here for access. 

happy trails ~  Natalie 🥾

p.s. We need to be prepared. True on the trail. True in life. Read more about being prepared in life here: Are You Prepared?


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