Natalie Ogbourne

Sometimes the road curves. Some are gentle, bends visible from a long way off. Others stop my heart when their convoluted curve-ahead sign pops into view as I cruise along, a distracted driver relying too heavily on auto-pilot.

Three mornings into April, the road stretches out straight as an Iowa highway. This will be a month filled with good things. It’s busier than I would like, but I know that both the busy and the good are temporary. And while I think I know what lies ahead, straight is not the same as straightforward and even Iowa highways sometimes take surprising turns.

There’s beauty in the midst of life’s curves. Even though I’m watching, sometimes I miss it. I expect it to materialize in front of me, though it often emerges in the rearview, a molten magenta sunset hovering above March’s hairpin turns.

This month, whether the road ahead of you is straight or curved, whether you forge ahead boldly or take slow and weary steps, may your eyes be open for glimpses of beauty both before and behind.

Enjoy your April!