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When to make Yellowstone hotel and campground reservations.

When I worked the desk at what was then called the Old Faithful Visitor Center, there were two questions I dreaded. First, “Are there any campgrounds with openings?” The second was related. “Are there any hotel rooms available?” While there was never a particularly hopeful answer to either of these questions, one thing would have helped them both: reservations.

Aside from a handful of small campgrounds that didn’t take reservations, everything–hotels and campgrounds alike–was booked. The non-reservation campgrounds filled early every day. There were always some cancellations, but to get one of those rooms was a right-place-at-the-right-time kind of deal. And none of the weary-looking people appeared to think that sounded good at six in the evening.

Neither will you, especially after a long day of seeing the sights.

When to Make Your Reservation

Thirteen months before you’re hoping to go–or as soon as you know within a thirteen-month window. That’s my recommendation. Yellowstone Park Lodges begins to take reservations thirteen months out. Both hotels and campgrounds fill early–especially during the busy summer months. The earlier you reserve, the more options will be available and the less likely it is to be booked.

Lodging outside the park likely follows a different scheduling pattern. Like in-park lodging, these establishments are likely to fill early–especially during the summer season.

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p.s. We need to be prepared. True on the trail. True in life. Read more about being prepared in life here: Are You Prepared?

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When should I make Yellowstone hotel reservations?