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Gifts and Graces Fall 2021

I have a long history of believing the way it is today is the way it always will be. This is especially true when I find myself traveling tough terrain but it spills over into easy stretches, too. Maybe you can identify. 

As a mindset, it doesn’t serve well. It isn’t true, no matter the nature of the terrain. 

One practice I use to combat this tendency is to pause and take stock, granting careful attention to the little gifts and comforting graces of the current season. This extends beyond simply fostering gratitude. It helps me navigate by faith rather than wander on autopilot. It fixes my awareness of what is true, lovely, excellent, and praiseworthy when I’m tempted to focus on what is not.

By way of a friend, I remembered that I haven’t mentioned this navigational tool in a long time. As host-month of Thanksgiving, November is a perfect spot to share this season’s gifts and graces—not just the general gifts of autumn but those specific to fall 2021.

Gifts and Graces | Fall 2021

Evening fires
So much color
Crisp air + warm sun
Making music with friends
Leaves flaming in the trees
Big progress on a tiny house
Night hikes with my husband
Leaves strewn across the path
Roasting hot dogs after church

Afternoons with teenage actors
Leaves swirling through the air
The return of a wandering kitten
Sleeping with the windows open
Leaves crunching under my feet
Fire in the sky: breathtaking sunsets
Phone calls with my grown-up kiddos
Catan with the kids on a Sunday afternoon
The soundtrack of hammers, drills, and saws
A big girl who still likes to snuggle on chilly mornings
Discovering a delicious sugar, grain, and dairy-free coffee cake

Navigational Practice: Look at the landscape of your life this season. Take a moment to create your own list of gifts and graces for fall of 2021.

Happy trails ~ Natalie 🥾

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