Natalie Ogbourne

Of the practices I use to foster a hopeful perspective and healthy mindset, keeping a list of the season’s gifts and graces is the simplest. Somewhere along the line, I started rearranging it into a bell shape and now I can’t really stop. This season’s gathering of gifts and graces is one tall, skinny bell, but here it is, this winter’s list of simple things I’m grateful for.

hot tea
game nights
coffee shops
4-wheel drive
visits with family
sunrise & sunset
fleece-lined tights
birds at the feeder
a good snowstorm
the book of Proverbs
January skies. I mean.
The gospel. Every day.
kids home for Christmas
fresh starts and new mercies
middle and high school actors
pirate-themed costume parties
hard conversations & encouraging words
sons, daughters, and their significant others
flannel shirts—red or pink ones, in particular
wildlife footprints in the snow across the pond
sun streaming relentlessly in through the window
unexpected white space due to weather cancelations

If you’d like to keep a record of your season’s gifts and graces, I’ve made a simple, no-strings-attached printable just for that purpose. It’ll tuck into a journal, a planner, or even your Bible. Access it here–no strings attached. Get the printable..

What’s on your list? I’d love to hear!

happy trails  ~ Natalie

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