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Yellowstone Weather: Know Before You Go

Fall in Yellowstone: Photos from the last week of September or the first week of October

Yellowstone can deliver extreme weather—in any season, without warning, and sometimes on the same day. That is the number one weather reality to keep in mind when packing for a trip to Yellowstone. Here are some others: 

  1. For every season, prepare for it to be colder than you think it will be. It’s easier to pack warmer clothes than you think you’ll need than to procure them once you’re there. (Yellowstone’s stores carry touristy clothing and some specialty outerwear. The nearest big box store is hours away.)
  2. Even a warm day will cool significantly when the sun drops behind the mountains. Be prepared with layers. 
  3. Be prepared for rain—spring, summer, and fall. Disposable ponchos are inexpensive and packable. 
  4. During spring, expect to experience wintry weather, including snowfall and cold temperatures. A few parts of the park are sometimes covered in snow through May.
  5. During summer, be prepared to experience some very low temperatures and even some wintry weather. (Snow in summer is less common but it happens.)
  6. During fall expect to experience some wintry weather, including snowfall and cold temperatures, especially at night. In terms of how we think of weather, fall functionally means mid-August, September, and early October. Mid to late October and November are known as early winter in Yellowstone. Expect more intense wintry weather.
  7. Winter in Yellowstone is both harsh and exquisite. If you’re interested in visiting during this time of year, do your research (start here) to see if it’s for you. You won’t regret it. 

happy trails ~ Natalie 🥾

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7 things to know about Yellowstone's weather: Know before you go

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