Natalie Ogbourne

Good morning to you on this fine autumn day!

Today I’m doing something just a little different and sharing a few field notes, a gathering of what the landscape of life has been teaching me. If you have a moment to pause and ponder what the landscape of your life is teaching you, I’d love to hear—either in the comments or via email.

Meeting of the Seasons

  1. The phrase “It’s a season” is good, true, helpful, and hopeful. It also, I’m learning, encourages me to expect it to run its course within a certain timeframe. This leads me to focus on the end prematurely. Some seasons are just long. Focusing on When-is-this-going-to-get-over-already is not actually all that helpful. This is a new idea for me. (Stay tuned. There’s more to come about this topic.)
  2. God’s strength is made perfect in our weakness. That doesn’t mean we won’t experience weariness.
  3. During more than twenty-three years of parenting, I have done the doctor’s appointments with our children. Nearly all of them. During this long season, when I haven’t been able to make it to every single appointment, the men in my life—my husband, my son, and my father—have stepped in admirably. I am grateful. Humbled, even.
  4. Regardless of the tangles within our medical and insurance systems, I am grateful for doctors, and nurses, and insurance.Lake Michigan Autumn Snow
  5. I love a good snowfall, but when autumn has seemed short and the snow flies early, I feel like I’m missing something significant.
  6. Whatever you love, whatever God has called you to—keep learning, keep practicing, keep fresh.
  7. Working with (read: teaching and directing) seventh to twelfth-grade students makes my soul sing. It also makes me very, very tired.
  8. The above reality reminds me that most of what matters exists in tension, often as both–and–and. (You know, both bitter and sweet. Both hard and hopeful. Both painful and exhilarating.) When it comes to matters that don’t make my soul sing, I desperately need this reminder.
  9. I may have said this before but it bears repeating. Cliche’ or not, there is no place like home. Even when it’s messy. Or busy. Or chaotic. The last road trip of the year is over and done with and I’m glad and grateful to be home—even though my time away was good for my heart, my mind, and my soul. (And, for those reasons, probably my body.)

Ponder the path:  What is the landscape of your life is teaching you?  Let me know—either in the comments or via email. I’d love to hear!

I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving. Happy Trails ~

Natalie 🥾

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