Natalie Ogbourne

Helping Yellowstone travelers since 1987

Not quite sure when to go or where to stay?

Wondering what to do or where to eat once you arrive?

Worried about the weather or wildlife? 


I’m Natalie and I’m here to help.  


I’ve been helping Yellowstone travelers plan their visits for over 30 years–first as a park employee and volunteer, then in my everyday life in the Midwest.

After living and working in the park, moving away, and returning year after year, I’ve learned how to navigate the challenges and complexities of mapping out a satisfying Yellowstone experience. I’d love to help you do the same.

If you’d like a little guidance as you map out your Yellowstone vacation, check out the options for working with me and contact me using the form below. 


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Get the itinerary from Natalie’s 2022 Yellowstone adventure along with tips and information for planning your own.

Natalie’s Yellowstone Guides

Where to Stay in Yellowstone

Where to Stay in Yellowstone

Back when I worked in Yellowstone, I enjoyed desk duty at the Old Faithful Visitor’s Center (now the Visitor Education Center). Even back when park visitation was 2.5 million (as opposed to today’s approximately 4 million), the crowd pushing against the counter and...

How to Plan Your Yellowstone Vacation

How to Plan Your Yellowstone Vacation

Planning a trip to Yellowstone? Consider these 10 things to help you plan your Yellowstone vacation. Make a plan--one that includes a plan A, and a plan B, and possibly a plan C. Bison choose their own crosswalks and cross the road slowly. In herds. Wildlife block the...

Hiking with Kids in Yellowstone

Hiking with Kids in Yellowstone

  We started hiking with our kids in Yellowstone while they were still babies. Because of that, we've embraced some mindsets and strategies to foster a pleasant hiking experience for everyone. We want them to be happy, safe, and motivated to keep going. (And we...

What to go to Yellowstone
Don't Hike Alone
Hiking with kids
When to go to Yellowstone
What to go to Yellowstone
Snowshoeing: Observation Point
Finding the Invitation in Prepare Him Room
Old Faithful Eruption
Old Faithful Eruption
Trout Lake Trail: Navigating by Faith When We're Disoriented By Life

“Everybody needs beauty as well as bread, places to play in and pray in, where nature may heal and give strength to body and soul.”

~ John Muir